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CAW2 12-100um Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil No Exfoliation

CAW2 12-100um Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil No Exfoliation

  • High Light

    CAW2 Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil


    100um Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil


    12um pe coated aluminium foil

  • Product Name
    Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil
  • Corrosion Resistance
    No Exfoliation
  • Purity
  • Thickness
  • Conductivity
    2 S/CM
  • Peel Strength
    ≥ 2 N/mm
  • Pinholes
  • Application
    XEV: Hybrid-electric Vehicle.(HEV) ,Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle(PHEV) ,Electric Vehicle(EV),Lithium-ion Batteries Supercapacitor
  • Coated
  • Name
    CAW2 12-100um Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil No Exfoliation
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    SGS, ISO,Reach, RoHS
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    usd 22-30 kg
  • Packaging Details
    wooden carton
  • Delivery Time
    20-30 days
  • Supply Ability
    300 Ton per month

CAW2 12-100um Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil No Exfoliation

Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil Modified AL aluminum Foils

CAW2 12-100um Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil No Exfoliation

Current collector conductive Modified carbon-coated aluminium Foil for Lithium-ion batteries Super capacitor.


Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil Advantage:

  1. Improve the consistency of battery usage group and reduce battery cost significantly.
  2. Improve the adhesion of active material and the collector, and reduce the electrode manufacturing cost.
  3. Reduce the polarization, increase the rate and capacity, improve the battery performance.
  4. Protection of fluid collection, extend battery life.


   CAW2 is one of the best price-ratio “CA” series product, This product shows comparable performance to foreign products, which breaks through the monopolization of conventional carbon-coated Al foil in international market. Conductive carbon is used as main coating material, and special resin is selected as binder. The coating slurry is casted onto both sides of Al foil using an advanced coating machine ,of which the coating velocity can be 150m per minute , in addition,the coatings with various gaps can be realized, resulting the reduce of the production cost.



  1. (LFP.LMO.NCM.NCA.LNM.LTO):for electric vehicles and energy storage(LFP.LMO.NCM.NCA.LNM.LTO)
  2. (LCO.NCM):Lithium-ion batteries for 3C productions(LCO.NCM)
  3. Supercapacitor
  4. Lithium-ion supercapacitor



  1. Improve the surface tension, and increase the adhesion between the aluminium foil and the active material.
  2. Decrease the using amount of binder for the electrode ,enhance energy density of the battery ,and lower the cost of the electrode production
  3. Protect the AI current collector from surface corrosion and oxidation.
  4. Reduce interface resistance and internal resistance of the cell.
  5. Decrease polarization and improve the rate capability and specific capacity of the electrode material
  6. Mitigate exothermic reactions and enhance the battery safety
  7. Improve the production stability and reproducibility ,and raise the pass rate of the cell
  8. Increase the consistency and cycling life of the cell,and lower the cost of the production.


Important Cautions:


  1. Use the product under the temperature of 20-25℃ and humidity of ≤20%RH
  2. The coating layer is highly Hydrophilic, handle it under personal protection.
  3. Avoid using the product under dust, The dust purification should be over 0.1M.
  4. Avoid any collisions against hard materials. Handle the product gently.
  5. This product is developed by our company for the application in batteries , if application in other fields, please discuss with us for it .


Packaging Marketing:

The product type,quantity ,production date and place etc, are indicated on the package.


Usage and Storage:

  1. Use the product in the workshop with humidity of ≤20%RH and a high dust purification.
  2. Store the product below 35℃, do not open the vacuum package before use .after use ,the left product should be dried at 40-60℃ for 2 hours under vacuum ,then kept in the cabinet filled with nitrogen at room temperature.
  3. The product can be stored under vacuum package for one year at ambient temperature and moisture without direct sun. Once the vacuum package is opened, the product can be kept under vacuum cabinet for at most one month.