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Copper Foil 6-15um Thickness for 3D Porous Lithium Ion Battery

Copper Foil 6-15um Thickness for 3D Porous Lithium Ion Battery

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    3D Porous Lithium Ion Battery Copper Foil


    15um Lithium Ion Battery Copper Foil


    3D Porous pure copper foil

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    Copper Foil 6-15um Thickness For 3D Porous Lithium Ion Battery
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Copper Foil 6-15um Thickness for 3D Porous Lithium Ion Battery


Copper Foil 6-15um Thickness for 3D Porous Lithium Ion Battery



Characteristics& Performance


Nuode is the first enterprise that has applied the PCB process in producing porous copper foil. It carries out secondary deep processing on the basis of the existing 6-15μm lithium battery copper foil. The resulting copper foil is lighter and more resilient. Compared with battery cells of the same size in conventional copper foil, this micro-hole copper foil has obviously improved performance. A lithium battery made with such copper foil can reduce its weight; it can ensure the adhesion of electrode materials and collectors, reduce the degree of distortion due to drastic expansion and contraction in fast charge and discharge, and guarantee the safety and reliability of batteries. It can correspondingly increase battery capacity and improve battery energy density, thus achieving a longer range for lithium batteries.


Detail More :


>. The bore diameter, porosity, width, and so forth of the micro-hole copper foil can be custom-made to meet actual customer requirements.


>.  The bore diameter can range from 30μm to 120μm; the porosity can be 20% to 70%.

>.  Three-dimensional porous copper foil



It can be used as a conductive collector for lithium-ion batteries, solid-state lithium-ion batteries, super capacitors, and so forth, while it can also be applied in nickel-cadmium or nick-hydrogen batteries.


Our Advantage


1. Help increse capacity density of battery

2. Help improve rate capability and enhance of the battery

3. Capable of reducing internal resistance of the battery

4. Improve the surface adhesion of the foil and prolong the battery life.

5. Enhance the flexbility of the battery film and is appplication to flexible cells

6. Electrolyte permeability can be effectively increased and it's consistence would be 100T% assured.

Our porous copper foil for lithium-ion battery has uniform pores,no burr and stable physical performance.


Technical Parameter 

Thickness(UM) 6-20um Bore Diameter/um 30μm ~120μm
Porosity% 20% ~ 70%. Area Weight(g/m2) 60-100
Tensile Strength (kg/mm2) Min.23 Elongation%





Q1: What's your delivery time ?

A: 7~20 days. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.

Q2: What's your minimum order quantity?

A: The MOQ is 100kg.


Q3: Can you supply the sample?


A: We can free supply A4 samples,But not including dispatch cost 



Q4. Can you provide COA ?


A:Yes,we can provide 




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